For more information about Trauma and PTSD please visit
For more information about Trauma and PTSD please visit
Alpha-Stim® technology
We provide Industry-leading devices that stimulate your brain to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain – from Alpha-Stim®

Fast, safe relief from pain, anxiety, depression, & insomnia

Alpha-Stim produce Neuro-stimulation devices (CES, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) that are prescribed around the world by physicians and other healthcare professionals to effectively treat anxiety, insomnia and depression, as well as pain (chronic pain, acute pain and post-traumatic pain – with the Alpha-Stim M device).

These devices utilise a tiny microcurrent (far less than TENS machines) to stimulate the neurons in the brain.

Since 1981, Alpha-Stim has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve remarkable results. Surveys of Alpha-Stim neuro-stimulation device users show overwhelming evidence of the effectiveness of the Alpha-Stim device, shown below:

*Patient self-reports after using Alpha-Stim technology for at least 3 weeks.
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A cost-effective solution

Each Alpha-Stim device is under warranty for 5 years. While the initial outlay is not insignificant, the running costs are small – you just need to replace the AA batteries and purchase conducting solution and, eventually the electrode pads (the devices come with a large supply). Consequently, the daily costs to use these excellent devices are less than most other treatment options. When you consider the results that are possible with the Alpha-Stim neuro-stimulation device, and the safety of the therapy, it’s clear why we believe there’s no better value available.

Clinically proven

Alpha-Stim is supported by over 100 completed independent research studies and published reports that utilize some of the most rigorous, controlled clinical study methods. In the UK, the NHS has already approved it for the treatment of anxiety, with further trials underway. Again and again, the Alpha-Stim neuro-stimulation device has consistently proven to quickly and safely provide relief from pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Interested in knowing more? Here’s a link to the Research Studies page at the USA Alpha-Stim site:


The Alpha-Stim neuro-stimulation devices deliver lasting results for pain, anxiety, depression, and anxiety without dangerous side effects, tolerance, or addiction. In 30+ years and clinical studies involving more than 8,800 people, Alpha-Stim users have reported no serious side effects. The two most common side effects were headaches (0.1%) and skin irritation at the electrode sites (0.07%, only seen in light-skinned people).

And Alpha-Stim is so easy to use, you can administer it yourself at home while relaxing, reading, using a computer or watching TV. Built-in safety features ensure that the neuro-stimulation device is functioning properly. Small and portable, Alpha-Stim is easy to take with you, wherever you go.

Alpha-Stim AID – For Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression

£  599  (VAT not included and not charged if you are ordering for someone with a medical condition. VAT Exemption form must be completed here

Alpha-Stim M – For Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression

£ 899 (VAT not included and not charged if you are ordering for someone with a medical condition. VAT Exemption form must be completed here

We can also supply a full range of replacements when you are running low on supplies, including conducting solution, ear clip pads, replacement ear clips, probe pads and pain pads (for the M model). Just contacts us at or call 07753 421 728.